You have to make sure that IT Technology is allied to the future needs of your corporate. Services are game changing solutions that are directly associated to the calculated needs of your company for years to come. Technobits Digital’s huge experience and deep skill are at your disposal to assess, strategize and execute solutions that will boost business impact.

Wireless Networks & Solutions

Technobits Digital has extensive range of solution offering in wireless segment. Our wireless solution contains Controller based Wi-Fi Solution, Point to point and Point to Multipoint Wi-Max and OFDM distance links.

Outdoor Wireless

Deployment of an outdoor wireless network requires an even greater specialized skill set due to the unique nature of the outdoor environment. Network design is ever more important when deploying outdoors; of which there are three main design topologies:

  1. Point to Point Wireless
  2. Typical Point to Point applications are:

    • Building to Building Links
    • Leased Line Replacement
    • Fibre Replacement
    • Secondary Connections

  3. Point to Multi Point Wireless:
  4. Typical Point to Point applications are:

    • Public Wi-Fi
    • Campus wide broadband
    • Campsite Wi-Fi
    • Locations that can’t be cabled

Network Management & Maintenance

Your network is a heart of your business
IT system. To keep it running..

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IT Infrastructure Design & Upgrades

IT has become an important part of every
business in order to function hassle..

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